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Songnario game

Afinom Games and Entertainment LLC

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Songnario is a music based card game that will turn your next get-together into an unforgettable, fun-filled party. Providing countless hours of enjoyment and ensuring that no two sessions are ever the same.

Each round is a competition between you and the other players to find and play and/or perform a song that will,

  1. Match the scenario/subject of the card,
  2. Fit into the chosen musical genre, and also
  3. Convince the judge(s) that your answer is the best.

Box includes: 90 scenario cards, 36 subject cards, 5 musical genre cards, 1-12 sided die, a 2 minute sand timer, instruction card, and limitless fun times!

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Fun game! We’ve enjoyed it.

Vanessa Thompson
Music Is Life

My family and I have always played games, even at restaurants we would play word games using music or songs. So this game, Songnario was easy to put in our game rotation. I have even introduced my nephew who is only 10 to the game. His song knowledge is a little low, but he is building it up listening to us. We have a great time when playing this game and we have introduced other friends that come over to hang out. Get your game and have some great family fun!


LOVE this game! On family night we have a ball playing, laughing, arguing, but still enjoying the fun! It is a great group game and keeps everyone involved! It is an ingenious idea/game! It is new and definitely outside the norm of games! Try it..... you will love it!

Great Entertainment

My family had a great time playing Songario. We played in teams. We made fun memories. We laughed so much.

Dwan Kirtdoll
Family game

My family loves this game, it will have you singing, dancing and laughing. I recommend this game for music lovers.